Weekly Photo Mojo: New Orleans Expressed in One Picture.

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New Orleans is one of my favorite cities in the United States for many reasons, and a few of them can be summed up by this one photo.

As I was wandering the streets, my attention was suddenly drawn to a woman walking down the street. No, it wasn’t because my male instincts were checking her out (I’m sure she is very pretty) but it was the 1950’s style dress she wore.

It suddenly felt as though I had time traveled. The French style architecture i the houses that lined the street, the brick factory on the left. Take out the cars and give this a sepia tone and you may not be able to tell which decade it was from!

New Orleans hasn’t aged a bit…and that is a good thing.

New Orleans Architecture

New Orleans Architecture

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Have you been to New Orleans? Can’t you feel that vibe everywhere?