Weekly Photo Mojo: Swing Life Away in Doubtless Bay, New Zealand.

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This week’s injection of worldly beauty comes from Doubtless Bay. In the Northland of New Zealand where the wi-fi is scarce and beauty is rampant, there is a small town called Cooper’s Beach which many might pass by without a glance. Sure, the beach might catch your eye, but there is a hidden gem that many don’t know about.

For two weeks, A two German backpackers, a Canadian, and I slept in this hidden cove with no electronics or communication; just this gorgeous sight every morning. To get here, you had to plan the tides just right and scale a rocky crag that proves treacherous even without a 50lb pack. But wouldn’t you say that is worth it for your own slice of paradise?

Doubtless Bay, Coopers Beach, New Zealand.

Doubtless Bay, Coopers Beach, New Zealand.

(click photo to admire the scenery)

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