Weekly Photo Mojo: Sprawling views From the Skyline Trail, Cape Breton.

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There we were, atop the green brushed highlands speckled with grey jagged rocks, standing un-wisely close to the edge looking out over the precipice which cut through the landscape into the ocean. We had sweeping views of the snaking road of the Cabot Trail which takes you around the ravishing Cape Breton National Park.

The wind trailed up the high cliffs and filled our noses with the smell of the pines that grew on the softer green slopes below. A hawk soared past on a wind-stream; fast and straight. We were above it, giving us an air of flying as well. The hawk flew toward the ocean, and the water being just as blue as the sky, it seemed to meld into an infinity.

It turned out, Nova Scotia was just as magical as I had alway thought.

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Skyline Trail Cape Breton

Skyline Trail Cape Breton

The hard winding road yields more adventure than the easy straight road.

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