Weekly Photo: La Citadelle – This Massive Fortress is in Haiti?!

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You can imagine my surprise when this castle reared its epic face out from the palm trees as I clip-clopped along a cobble road on a scrawny horse.

Holy shit!

Yes, this was my reaction when I got the first glimpse of La Citadelle. A massive ancient fortification perched atop a mountain overlooking the countryside near the small town of Milot. This sandstone fortress, also known as “Citadelle Henry Christophe”, was commissioned by a King of Haiti in 1805 to hold the Northern territory against possible French invasion.

And this was my first castle I EVER visited. Who would have thought my castle virginity would have been snatched by Haiti?! Literally took my breath away…

So Gnarly.

(A full article on this epic part of my adventure will come soon, so stay tuned ;P)

La Citadelle, Haiti

La Citadelle, Haiti

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Honestly, comment and tell me if you expected to see a castle like this in Haiti!