Weekly Photo: Shimmering Boats in Labadee, Nord, Haiti.

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As the sun was retreating beyond the distant mountains, we pulled up to the beach of Labadee, Nord, Haiti.

Sunlight danced and shimmered on the water with the silhouettes of boats rocking with the tide. Decorated with bright (though faded) colors and verses from the bible, the rickety and leaky wooden boats await on the shore to scurry passengers of to beaches close-by.

Beaches not Labadee.

Labadee is leased by Royal Caribbean and nobody except tourists from the ship are allowed. No matter, these took us to a much more beautiful and secluded beach. You can find this beautiful area of beaches and mountains located on the northern coast of Haiti.

Boats in Labadee, Nord, Haiti

Boats in Labadee, Nord, Haiti

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