Traveling to Mexico During The Pandemic: My Experience

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Yes, I have in fact recently traveled to Mexico during the global pandemic. No, it was not to be a foolish joy-traveler in the times of Covid or pandemic travel ignorance. In this in-depth (lengthy is more like it) vlog I talk about my experience traveling during COVID-19, why I decided to travel right now, and what made me choose to move to Mexico. 

What gives? 

Afterall, I was quite outspoken about NOT traveling during the pandemic and was pretty damn vocal against people traveling for the hell of it like there is no pandemic. 

There is still a pandemic, even though I keep getting asked “How is Mexico post-pandemic?” like it’s over…

Though I do express my personal precautions and thoughts about safety, I am in no way an expert in medical safety. I simply share what I did, what I feel others should at least do, and what to expect when traveling during the pandemic. 

What Was Traveling to Mexico During COVID-19 Like?

That is a question that depends on a lot of factors. For myself, it was a bit anxiety-filled to say the least, but there is so much more to the whole experience described in the video below. 

So grab some popcorn because this one is a doozy, but I cover many topics around this subject and explain my reasoning for traveling at this point in time.

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If you’d like to follow along closer with my travels and experiences in Mexico, head over to my Mexico Travel Page for more!

What Questions Do You Have About Traveling During Covid-19 or Traveling to Mexico During The Pandemic?