Travel Video: 2 Years Traveling Around the World

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2 years. 2 YEARS! Well, at least close to it. I’ve just returned to the United States after leaving for India in early 2015, and to me, it’s almost unbelievable. Before this adventure, I had little faith I’d ever reach the mythical one year abroad achievement that seemed to elude me ever since I hit the road in 2011.
Then, it just happened.

I doubted myself, but I’ve now grown to believe in myself. I’ve put this awesome travel video supercut to spread some inspiration and show you all the good times.

Without realizing it, I passed that one year mark and already had more trips upcoming. And even without plans, travel opportunities or adventures sprouted up. Now looking back, it seems foolish to feel bummed just because I hadn’t traveled non-stop for that long. In all honesty, this does seem feel like an accomplishment.

After completing the Rickshaw Run across India, I had no clue what to do. In a last-minute gamble, I applied for a working holiday visa in Australia. Bam, I scored that and flew off to ‘Straya to hang with the kangaroos and learn how to decipher Aussie slang. The latter I was unsuccessful at.

With almost a year lived in Australia, my visa was running out and I didn’t have a lick of an idea as to where to go next. Myanmar was thrown in last minute, and I was off to experience Thingyan New Yea, hike to mountaintop tea villages deep in the jungle, and experience untainted Myanmar culture.

About that time Medsailors reached out and offered a job as a photographer for the summer. Once I finished bouncing around Cambodia and Thailand, I jumped into Europe and began the action photographer gig and lived on sailboats for 5 months around Croatia and Greece. Woowee.But I wasn’t done, or adventure wasn’t done with me.

To cap the 2 years of travel I explored bits of the United Kingdom which, to the surprise of many, was my first time. After wandering jolly ole’ London, I hit Stonehenge and went north. A much too short trip to Edinburgh and Glasgow left me aching to get back, but even more so the Scottish Highlands. I finished off this crazy 2 year adventure by hiking in a kilt and falling in love with the far northwest highlands before a return to London.

Okay, there was no kilt, I couldn’t afford one.

It had been two years since I stepped foot in the United States, and I will admit, I missed family and friends. Seeing new destinations and meeting new people are awesome aspects of travel, but sometimes you ache for a familiar face and not to have to go through the standard routine of questions just to hang out with someone.

Plus, Brexit and the election of “He who should not be named” contributed to the Aussie dollar drop and my funds ran out much faster than expected. I found myself in a pickle with no more travel budget. Whoops.

Though the 2 years of travel were chock full of gnarly times, it did have its bumps. India left me with health issues after illness and exhaustion.

I struggled with loneliness while celebrated the holidays alone in Australia. The sailing photography gig began with depression threatening to ruin the summer. I fought through it all, and with it learned plenty of new perspectives and lessons. I can happily say I grew in a positive way as a person through it all.

So it was time to return to a place I almost feel foreign to now, except when around people I know. I wanted to see them for the holidays and catch up with people. I was also quite sad to leave London which was one of the most memorable times of the trip and marked the end of my travels.

Except, it isn’t the end. I don’t know what comes next and I don’t know where it’ll lead — I just know it’ll definitely lead to some sort of adventure. Lost in the right direction I like to believe.

For now, here is a travel video supercut featuring some of my favorite moments the past 2 years. Now that I have some free time and a place to work from, I’ll be editing more travel videos of the 11 countries I visited so subscribe to my YouTube Channel and let me know what place you’re excited to see most!

What was your favorite part of this travel video? What destination do you want to see most?