Travel Video: Stunning Sayulita by Drone

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Sayulita is just…wow! I’ve just returned from an incredible trip to the west coast of Mexico to the small beachside town of Sayulita and I have a lot to say about it — but it’s better to just show you.

Located in the state of Nayarit, Sayulita is labeled as a “Pueblo Magico” which is a (sometimes loathed) label given by the government of Mexico for certain “magical” towns. And though many locals might not like that label as it changes tourism there, Sayulita is a magical place. I was constantly wowed by the landscapes, and there was simply not enough time in the week to absorb all of the awesome.

For this trip, I was invited by the people at Sayulita Insider to join a group of bloggers and influencers for a week of adventure, exploring, and activities while getting an intimate look at what makes Sayulita special — it’s natural side. From the lush jungle hills to the ideal surf conditions to the unique beaches nearby — it’s a place I cannot wait to visit again soon!

As a bit of a tantalizing preview for Sayulita and what we got into, I’ve compiled my favorite drone shots from the week into a travel video to show you a birds-eye view of the this beautiful town.

Check out the video below and subscribe if you dig the video! More to come from this wicked week!

Stunning Sayulita Cinematic DJI Mavic Mini Drone Video

The Shoot: Everything in the video above was shot on a Mavic Mini, which blew me away by the quality of video it pulled off (though I think it’s the pilot as well 😉). If you are looking to pick up a Mavic Mini, which in my mind is the perfect travel drone, you can buy one here to help support the blog!

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