TRAVEL MOMENTS – Cinematic Adventure Reel

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Hello Lost Ones! I’ve (finally) put together a montage/supercut/reel of some of my favorite travel moments and travel footage from 2019 and 2020. I’m pretty proud of it, and it was born out of the necessity to have a video reel ready to show potential clients now that I am getting more video gigs popping up.

But it was also a mixture of the necessity to actually put together some adventure footage that has been sitting dormant on my hard drive for ages and collecting dust.

You see, I have this terrible habit of taking lots of travel footage and never doing anything with it. Whether it be due to lack of time, lack of confidence, or lack of initiative and organization. And with this, I’ve finally broken that.

For this video, I chose to compile some of my favorite shots and memories from destinations, environments, and scenarios all over the world. From epic drone footage of sprawling landscapes and towns to close-ups of people crafting art pieces and food, views of unique cultural elements to action and adventure shots — it’s all here in a cinematic adventure reel.

I hope you dig it, and without further ado…


Travel Moments - Cinematic Adventure Reel