Sailing Antigua: Island of 365 Beaches

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Antigua is another level of amazing, with the island leaving even seasoned skippers in our crew astonished by the blue of the water and beauty of this country. I’ve just returned from a month sailing around the breathtaking waters of Antigua and now I’m here to show the country from the sky and sea via drone and GoPro. But first, a funny story…

“The water is SO blue!”

It’s a running joke among those of us on the boat who have sailed the Mediterranean about guests blurting out, “The water is SO blue!” every two seconds. Whether it was Greece or Croatia, that phrase is said multiple times per day. And us sailors typically chuckle inside because we’ve gotten so accustomed to the incredible beauty of the Med after a couple of seasons at sea.

The vibrant turquoise waters we’ve sailed for a couple of seasons now just don’t have us saying “WOWZERS” anymore, which is such a terrible thing to take for granted. The Med is incredible, but like most places you go enough or things you do enough, you grow accustomed.

Then there’s Antigua. After starting the first week of 4 weeks we’d be sailing around the country, all of us joked over drinks about how many times we’d hear people say “the water is so blue“. Yet, just days after hitting the sea and seeing the sunlight dance off the shallows and reefs, all of us said just that (and proceeded to laugh at ourselves for the irony).

Each one of us was blown away by the colors and vibrancy of the water, and even though most of us are seasoned travelers or sailors, it still didn’t cease to surprise us. Up until this point, I had thought the waters around Haiti and Dominican Republic were the bluest I had seen in the Caribbean or the world.

To show you just how blue and beautiful Antigua is, check out the video below and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel as I’ll be sharing more videos! 

Sailing Antigua: Island of 365 Beaches