Weekly Photo: Old Town Montreal from the Ground Up.

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“In the morning the city spreads its wings, making a song in stone that sings. In the evening the city goes to bed hanging lights about its head.”

– Langston Hughes



(click to feel the city up close)

Langston Hughes nailed it on the head with this poem, and this is exactly the feeling I got as we walked around Old Town Montreal.

We had stepped out of the modern, bustling downtown and into the past.

Aged cobble stone streets make you aware of every step you take, nearly forcing you to admire the history. The sun climbs higher into the sky warming the streets. Cafés are opening their doors and grinding the first batches of fresh coffee. Bakeries are opening their shutters and filling the alleyways with the aroma of fresh baguettes, loafs of rye, and muffins. Artists begin setting their easels and carefully displaying their passion for passer-bys and potential customers, boutiques are sweeping the tree helicopters away that had fallen in their open French style courtyards.I feel like Old Town Montreal is a place anyone could stroll around and feel the soul of it all.

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Old Town Montreal

Old Town Montreal

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