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How NOT to Fly to Myanmar

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After losing a passport a day before my flight (more on that to come), airport debacles and delays, and 14 hours of flights and layovers, you might think I’d be a pretty big grump right about now. I’ve just arrived in Yangon Myanmar from Melbourne Australia and staying in a hole-in-the-wall hostel on 20th street amongst the crowded buildings sandwiched together — and I’m loving it. Flying to Myanmar had been hell, but arriving was beautiful.

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Why Everyone Should Explore Melbourne Street Art at Night

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Melbourne, a city famous for its street art and graffiti scene, is a fascinating and bustling city by day dripping with fresh coats of spray paint. But I deciding to get a different perspective altogether by exploring Melbourne street art by night. The city seemed to transform when the sun set, in a bit of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde way. In no means bad, but personalities, artworks, people, and senses are all amplified in the neon lights of alleyways. It was as if the street art itself came to life after the city fell asleep.

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Dandenong National Park: A Secret Stunning Escape from Melbourne.

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In Dandenong National Park, I am alone in the wilderness just outside the boundaries of a bustling city, a soul’s escape from the doldrums of that societal carousel. So quiet you can hear the thump of your heart beat harder with every hill, the great mountain ash speak to one another, the wind whisper to the leaves, and the ever-mocking Lyre Bird somewhere in the bush laughing as you pass by.